The Joy and Tragedy of Writer’s Rules

Now what?
Now what?

The past three years in my scant spare time I’ve rediscovered the joys of writing. Of course, I’ve rediscovered the grief and frustration that typically goes hand-in-hand with writing too. Does it have to be that way? I am sure there is an unwritten rule. It is part of the inherent nature of writing and writers.

What I’ve learned most thoroughly is that there are rules to writing, and that those rules are also meant to be broken. You should heed them, but you shouldn’t build a shrine to them. In fact, sometimes breaking a writing rule might help your work transcend the ordinary and connect with your readers in a new and exciting way. But don’t count on it.

The three most oft-harped upon rules are “show, don’t tell”, “include beats” (mannerisms and action which individualize the character), and “create conflict” (or tension) in each scene.

All of these are important, and valuable. Wherever you use these rules in your stories, you will likely improve the scene. Being an iconoclast though (I’ve been called worse), I usually resist the call to “one size fits all”.

For example, in semi-serious Science Fiction (my favorite), there are often chunks of science for the reader to digest. Sometimes these may be divulged by having characters discuss the ins and outs, but this can become lengthy. So the question is how is this information important to the reader.  Is how your character learns of this science important? If so, then the reader will expect to be shown how. Is this science mainly part of the back-story – part of your world building – then your reader only needs to be aware of it. “Telling” this piece of the world’s backstory is okay.

I have read award-winning SciFi novels, where the author expounded upon – told, didn’t show – the story’s science for several straight pages without eliciting boredom. The key is in how interesting and accessible the author makes the science. Such world-building can be done this way in any genre, provided it also contributes to the reader’s understanding of the main story.

I confess that “beats” was a new term to me just three years ago. I learned about beats almost immediately from all three writers groups I joined. Many of my original characters (alas!) were stillborn or born with arrhythmia. To remedy this I had to imagine mannerisms, speech patterns, and stray gestures to differentiate them from each other, and to assuage the sensibilities of the esthetically dependent.

Unfortunately, being “beat challenged” , I required sensitivity training. Considering I now call myself a writer, I tend to overlook such detail. I’m the one who complements my wife on the new painting she’s hung up, to find out it’s been there for over a year. I’ve always thought writers to be exceptionally observant. That’s not true, or I’m the exception.

Now, all good stories thrive on conflict and tension. The more amped up the author can make the narrative, the longer their readers will keep turning the pages. The advice frequently offered in writer’s critique groups is to include some form of tension in each scene or chapter. This is a good rule of thumb. But as you must know…it is not good to be all thumbs.

Some scenes needed to nudge your plot along are naturally passive scenes. That may break the rule, but won’t necessarily do harm unless you drag them on. If the scene creates a long and dull lull to the action, the reader will stop turning pages, go to bed, and maybe forget to pick up the story again. So the rule to this exception to the rule is keep such scenes short. They should never be more than a small speed bump that the reader notes in passing.

What else? Again, I’d go back to SciFi novels. Those same chapters where I said you can sneak in scientific tech talk, are the chapters where you’ll be forgiven for skipping away from action and conflict. Nevertheless, these chapters still need to be interesting and compelling to your readers. The information you (essentially) dump must still hold their imagination and either contribute to the reader’s knowledge of the world you’ve created, or contribute toward a plot point that will be important later in the story.

The final take-away is that there are rules – as Jack Sparrow well explained “The Pirate’s Code” – that are really kind of guidelines.

(Utmost apologies to any grammar sticklers. This post humbly submitted unedited -jh)


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  11. I know of only one unbreakable rule in fiction writing: You must not bore your readers! Any of the defects you’re talking about — telling rather than showing, scenes where nothing happens, and dialog without what I call stage business (a.k.a. “beats”) — are considered to be weaknesses precisely because they risk boring the reader. If you’re sure the scene is interesting, then go right ahead!

    Here’s a simple example (which I hope works…): In my recently completed fantasy epic, I do have one short scene that is entirely dialog, with not a single bit of stage business thrown in. The reason is because the novel is basically G-rated, and this is a scene in which one of the main characters is losing her virginity. We can certainly tell what’s going on, thanks to the dialog, but there’s no light in the hayloft at night, and at that moment we’re not in third-person limited viewpoint: We’re not in her head. Preserving that bit of distance is what keeps it G-rated.

    1. Jim – Love your example. Being interesting to the reader is essential to carrying off a lengthy “tell”. A problem for me writing “hard” scifi is that while my target reader might find the tech “info dump” interesting and compelling, readers accustomed to space operas are more likely to get impatient. And there are fewer hard scifi fans out there, than there are space opera aficionados.

      There are certainly some compromises that may be made to try to keep the other readers engaged. However, it’s not an easy trick. Sometimes we just have to take our best shot, and hope for the best.

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      65. I think that this is a truly heartfelt letter from a man who is honestly sorry (that he got caught). I also think that it is wonderful that he has his God and his Bible to comfort him during his time of (forced) repentance. I do, however, find it rather odd that his God and his Bible give him comfort rather than great fear considering the Christian’s love of quoting the book of Leviticus when trying to define legislation regarding how Americans should live their personal lives; Leviticus 20:10 makes it very clear what their God expects to happen now.

      66. Thanks for the comment and being cooperative with my preparation for the review. I think having a more intuitive initial setup will go a long way, and I read in your forums or somewhere that it’s on the to-do list. I’m sure Ultimatum will continue getting better and better.   

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      68. Ganz, ganz lieben Dank für die Anleitung – ich habe sie mir gleich down-ge-loaded und werde es auch einer Freundin weiterleiten, die immer für das Flensburger Hospiz strickt…GANZ lieben Dank für Deine Mühe!Herzliche Grüßevon Anja

      69. Living on Collier Road all those years made it an easy trek up to Peachtree Street to watch the runners. Friends and I would take breakfast and coffee and sit in folding chairs by the curb. A boyfriend or two would run by and we’d hand out/throw water. But we are only talking 34 years ago…Enjoy your day with your kids and may the 4th be with you.

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      74. OMG! My son's friend Max used to take a whizz on the bushes at the playground in Pre-school. He did not want to leave the playground for one minute and miss out on all of the fun. Luckily he grew out of it sometime between then and now (9th grade).At least your Max did not pee in his pants!

      75. More than 2.4 million people received unemployment insurance under the federal program in the week ending June 13, the most recent data available. Another 282,000 are claiming benefits under a state-run extended benefits program, which adds up to 13 additional weeks. All told, about 8.8 million people received jobless benefits that week.

      76. “There is a lot more to this world then the one you see. Peace and light be with you. ”..Or you see. Just because one can imagine something does not make it so. Calling others close-minded, does not open your own mind to the possibility you can no longer distinguish reality from wishful thinking.There are simple ways of determining whether or not the things this video claims are distinguishable from delusion. Ask and I’ll share an example.Cheers.

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      83. Since I have used a pressure cooker (5-cup in volume, I added the water to the 3-cup mark, more or less;) to prepare the pork, so all the liquid would be reserved. Moreover the turnips added more water to the soup. However, I would measure the exact volume next time. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      84. Sounds wonderful. I loved her CDs “Latin Fire” and “Descarga en California” so it’s nice to know she’s as good (or even better, it sounds) in person. Plus I love that SF Jazz still has room for local artists.

      85. Okay, maybe I am having an off day, but I can’t find the fundraiser for My Hope. Is there a link somewhere that I missed? I wanted to purchase Laura’s beautiful shawl pattern, but mostly I wanted to say a big thank you for all of the inspiration you two shower on all of us. I love, love love the podcasts and think you two are the best.

      86. chellbloggerС земляком грех не поменяться, согласен. Пиши на почту анкор и ссыку (можешь постовой полностью, как хочешь), я поставлю, а свой сообщу чуть позже.

      87. Tyler = Niki, I purchased my hinged bracket at Lowes. I found it on the same isle as the cabinet hardware (knobs, handles, hooks). You may also suggest to the sales people that you need a chain with screw eyes. The hinged bracket may be right next to this item. Good luck with the project! 🙂

      88. I hope #9 is true. I’m so tired of gotchas in this department.I really appreciated that, as the only unpowered human on the team (until they got Hawkeye back), Black Widow more than held her own BUT the Hulk scared the pee out of her. The Hulk should be super scary; I’m glad they reflected that. Also, Mark Ruffalo was great!

      89. I think two things:1. If something like this actually happened, I think I would be too scared and upset to think of snapping a picture. 2. Many people who have seen the black-eyed kids claim that once they escaped the situation and turned to look back (like Lot’s wife), the BEKs were gone. So does that mean it was some sort of hallucination? Aliens who can disappear? I dunno. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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      91. Yeah, after about 20 hours of real use (compiling, multiple office apps, etc) it’s pretty rock solid. And I love that everything doesn’t suspend for a few seconds when Outlook 2007 receives and email — which was what XP and single core was like.

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    2. Just reread your post, and recalled a joke dialogue that’s funnier to hear than read, but it went something like this…

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      1. Bueno pues yo tengo el mismo problema que los de2m0&#8a3s;lo de los nick me gusta mucho la nueva version pero claro … es un poko molesto no ver el nik cmpleto de los demas jeje, estare atenta a cuando salga el plus!Gracias!

    3. You’d be surprised how far vendors would drive to do a weekend convention. They may not get the booths from the trade companies, but there are enough people around. As you say classrooms make dandy viewing rooms, I’m sure they have room to expand if they want. Nice badges too. Did you get to see any of ‘Last Exl;7&#821ei?

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