The Rule of Right and Wrong


dscn0864Let’s face it, right and wrong should be simple concepts to follow. The truth is that the people who make most of the rules – regardless of their political persuasion – tend to muddy up the basic concepts with pretenses that will favor their goals.

Religions have set down some concepts in pretty simple terms – e.g. thou shall not kill.  It’s something that seems self-evident even if you don’t “have religion”. The truth is it doesn’t require a god to tell us this. It is pretty self evident that if it’s okay to kill someone, that someone could just as easily be you.  Think of the line in Clint Eastwood’s modern classic “Unforgiven”, where his character says “…you kill a man, you take away everything he is, and everything he was ever going to be”.  Death is final. You don’t get any do-overs. So if you want to protect your right to live, you have to accept the need to protect other’s right to live. Nothing mystical about that; it’s just common sense.

The same logic applies to Liberty (see a theme growing here?). If you want to preserve your freedom to make your own life decisions, you must recognize the importance to preserve the freedom of others to make their own decisions too. It is a matter of principle, and if you deny another’s right, you abrogate that principle not only for them, but for yourself. And “liberty” is a pretty big and inclusive word. It encompasses all humans – i.e. it doesn’t exclude anyone because they’re a different color,  because they’re a different religion,  because they’re a different gender, or  because they have different sexual preferences. Moreover, liberty means the freedom to choose and do however one pleases – so long as one does not infringe upon the liberty of others. This is again a simple, core principle. Once any entity (government perhaps) abrogates any person’s freedom of choice, it abrogates everyone’s freedom of choice on everything.

Let’s put it this way, using a modern issue…if you abrogate the right of a woman to choose to have an abortion, you equally abrogate the right of a churchgoer to go to church. Principles only protect us when we respect them. That is the nature of a principle. It is either true, or it is not. Where it is applied is irrelevant. It applies to all.

I won’t even discuss the “pursuit of happiness”. It clearly goes hand-in-hand with liberty. The principle applies to all. Deny it to one, and you deny it – on principle – to all.

Certainly, it is possible to get into cases, egregiously nuanced definitions, and so on, and so forth.  However, these are moot – a waste of time.  What is important to know is that when speaking of holding to principles, we are not speaking of holding to “some degree” of principle. Principles are all or nothing. Every serious decision must uphold the core principles, or no rule will ever be valid or permanent. When you abandon principles, everything is lost.


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  3. No wise words or cures. But I will offer my support by praying for you. If you need anything – just call – seriously. Thanks for sharing your journey and letting us love you and care for you during this challenging time.~ Lil

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  7. As someone who has also written posts and then taken them down due to fear of offense, I know just how you feel. Regular ILI readers will certainly have known that your question was metaphorical and not literal. We also know that you would never be callous, especially in the wake of a tragedy.

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  17. Great points Alice. Love the comment about leaders who “know what they don’t know”. It takes courage to step into the tension knowing that it means being vulnerable and less certain. It requires faith that this level of honesty and openness will, in the long run, product a better, more truthful outcome. Really appreciate your feedback.

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  99. I can only say Peace to you. You are a Light in an otherwise dark landscape. I wish you well but also know that the dark would be nothing without the Light. Stay safe and do not alter your course. You are a voice that needs to be heard.

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  116. Love this post. Really got me thinking. I pretty much agree with all of your items except for liquid foundation and hairspray. Although I just recently started using those 2 products that I lived my whole life without. I only use face lotion, don't own makeup remover, use a electric TB, rarely wear lip color and have never even tried a face primer – I also live without night cream or wrinkle cream but am reconsidering it due to some very fine lines

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  121. You sir are hilarious.I have just spent the last 3 hours reading a shitload of your posts and laughing hysterically. I laughed so hard i had tears, and then i had to use my sister’s inhaler because i could not breathe. Which also reminded me that i should probably get my own inhaler because taking other people’s meds is illegal…i think. Anyway.Good work.

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  123. I’m with you – I must admit that the pumpkin mask on the cat creeped me out a little to start with, though I’m liking it better now… I’m trying to decide whether to keep it as it is, or make a plain stitched black cat of it in some way. Your stitching is lovely.

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  127. Has humanity as a whole repudiated its ugly past of racism, sexism, fascism, bigotry and cruelty?Judging by humanity’s *present* state, I think it’s safe to say that it hasn’t…and won’t.Whining about slavery & racism – and trying to blame America for everybodys’ woes & wantsb – is pathetic.-dk

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  129. Ignorance and casual bigotry, all alive and well in the gay world. Damn it.A good post Chris, and if anyone thinks they aren’t touched by mental or physical illness they are living in a dream-world. Honesty and openness are the best ways to combat this sad attitude, and you do a great job at it.


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