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Getting onboard

The above photo is both a vestige from my old job and a good argument why it was time for me to move on–the very last Jacob’s ladder I was ever required to climb.

Homey don’t do that no more (bad grammar deliberate)!

In fact, what I have admittedly become is a true Homey. I can do my principle work from the comfort of my desk at home. Phone calls and emails, which were once my life blood, are today more a distraction. And after I’ve worked all day (cough, cough), I don’t have to run down to a ship and work half the night. I am somewhat comfortably home-bound in my own personal gilded cage. And I write. And I publish.

Here’s the problem though. I do not market–so far, at least. And that’s embarrassing. There isn’t much point in publishing, unless you’re willing to put in the time and study required to market your work. If you believe in your work, and I do, you need to be a good parent, push it out of the nest, and teach it to fly. However, getting onboard with marketing your books can be be more daunting than that Jacob’s Ladder in the photo.

The trick is in limbering up. As an author, this means studying, learning new skills, making new contacts, and not being afraid to take the plunge (I know, poor choice of words, given the photo). That’s not something most can make happen overnight–especially if when you have obligations to a day job and family. And okay, maybe you’ll have to dip your toe in first, then wade in. Understandable.

But you need to at least wade in knee deep, or you’ll never get into the swim of things. Once you get a few basic things in place–for instance, a blog site–each new step will get a little easier.

As is evident, I’m no expert. Just barely up to my knees, myself. But study and effort will pay off. Have confidence. Believe in yourself. Climb that ladder.