Some House Rules

  1. There aren’t many here. Keep it honest – try differentiating between what you believe is fact and what you personally know – can cite credible, unbiased references – as fact. Otherwise, just note that your version of events is your opinion based on (possibly) cherry-picked elements of the trdesksketchuth.
  2. This isn’t a political forum, although there will be posts based upon my personal philosophical beliefs that bear directly on modern politics. These lean toward almost total individual freedom of choice. You can expect this bent to find expression in almost all commentary, non-fiction, or fiction I personally author.
    Four friends accept responsibility
    Four friends accept responsibility for their choices

    You can also expect to read here that all personal choices are indelibly linked to personal responsibility and fairness. I think there are really only a few basic principles that guide everything in life, and that these principles must be held inviolate, or civilization fails. The bottom line is – keep conversation to a simple discussion of principles, not politics. If we agree on the underlying principles, then the correct political courses will be obvious to even the least bright. Political discourse will not be necessary.

  3. Colorful colloquialisms are okay, but please keep them within context of what you are trying to convey. Use them judiciously, not just because your vocabulary isn’t otherwise rich or expressive enough.
  4. (The non-rule rule) Good grammar and spelling are an ideal on this website…but not a rule. Although I no longer have a formal day job, I find catching up on a personal life obligations to be quite demanding. I clearly have much to make up for, so have generously allowed myself forgiveness when it comes to editing these posts. When you see an error, I will not be offended if you point it out. Just please do so in good spirit, and I’ll welcome the chance to improve. Further, I will make the correction at my first opportunity.
  5. If you would like to guest post an article on this website, and the subject fits within the spirit of the RTBB site, I’ll be glad to work with you. I’m especially interested right now in original articles and posts passing along a new author’s lessons learned in writing and pursuing publication.
  6. If you would like to advertise your NEWLY published novel here, free of charge, send me your first chapter (up to 25 pages) for review. I will post the best of those received, along with the cover art or ad teaser, plus the links to your distributor’s website (Amazon, Apple, etc.).  Email the text only to, and show “Newly Published” in the subject line. I’ll notify you if your submission is selected and posted.