Some House Rules

  1. There aren’t many here. Keep it honest – try differentiating between what you believe is fact and what you personally know – can cite credible, unbiased references – as fact. Otherwise, just note that your version of events is your opinion based on (possibly) cherry-picked elements of the truth.
  2. This isn’t a desksketchpolitical forum, although there will sometimes be posts based upon my personal philosophical beliefs. These lean toward almost total individual freedom of choice. You can expect this bent to find expression in almost all commentary, non-fiction, or fiction I personally author. You can also expect to read here that all personal choices are indelibly linked hand-in-hand to personal responsibility and fairness. I think there are really only a few basic principles that guide everything in life, and that these principles must be held inviolate, or civilization fails. The bottom line is – let’s keep conversation to a simple discussion of principles . If we agree on the underlying principles, then the correct political courses will be obvious to even the least brightest – they won’t require discussion.
  3. Colorful colloquialisms are okay, but please keep them within context of what you are trying to convey. Use them effectively, not just because your vocabulary isn’t otherwise rich or expressive enough.

Not everyone looks before they lead…