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Aspiring Writers

At the suggestion of Anna, a creative writing student in the Salt Lake City Children’s Network, I’ve added a link to Crossword Solver which has a useful Creative Writing Glossary. Kudos to Barbara Lincoln, at SLCCN, for her wonderful work encouraging and teaching these future authors.

I was honestly amazed they’d found this website, which I’ve seriously neglected, but that’s testament to the power of the internet. The good news is that I’ve today taken the first steps to rejuvenate it, upgrading both my WordPress system and my PHP to take advantage of the latest plug-ins and software.

I think I’ve finally learned that incremental–just small steps–are perfectly okay for posting blogs (and far easier). Everything doesn’t have to be a fully blown article to be useful to someone. Posts can serve just as well as tiny suggestions of thought, enough to help others ponder their own meaning and direction.

And boy, that’s a relief to know.