Rules to be Broken

Rule to be Broken

Ever since I was a kid, people told me that I didn’t believe in rules, or that I thought rules didn’t apply to me. And that’s not true. I believe in rules. Over the years I’ve developed quite a few of my own to build my business, keep my nose clean and stay out of trouble. We need rules…

My only problem is with stupid rules, or dangerous rules, or rules written so poorly that even those enforcing them don’t remember their original purpose or how to interpret them – those rules. That’s when I think the average person, with a little intelligence, needs to challenge the rules. And I have no problem with that.

Life is made up of rules those before us have created. They’re everywhere – in every human endeavor. So it should be of no surprise  this is some pretty fertile ground upon which to plant a blog. I hope to explore the good ones, the bad ones, the big and the small, the explicit and the implied, the funny, and (because they’re real) the sad rules. They’re part of the fabric of life.

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